We Invite You to the Wonderful World of Llamas

As a Community we were looking for a business adventure that would be rewarding and compatible with our life style as Benedictines. Llamas were the perfect choice. These gentle animals have a contemplative spirit and are easy to care for in addition to manifesting a majestic presence on our beautiful prairies. You are welcome to visit our hobby ranch.

We received our first two llamas in July of 1994. The number of llamas in our herd varies . We have llamas for sale for breeding, pets, and guard animals, as well an abundant assortment of fiber for spinners and spun yarn for knitting. All of our llamas are registered. We strive to raise quality llamas with excellent conformation with a tendency to have abundant fiber.

What are llamas good for?

0 IMG_0189This is a frequent question. Llama wool is used to produce fiber for spinners and weavers. The llamas themselves are used for breeding and showing, predator control (especially for sheep), as pets, to control leafy spurge by grazing, and for pet therapy. Last but not least, llama fertilizer is one of the best there is.

If you are thinking of buying a llama – no matter how much you read about them, there is nothing like hands-on-experience. So give us a call and come for a visit. See the type of fencing and sheds needed, walk with a wooly companion, ask lots of questions and make new friends over a cup of coffee with the Sisters.

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If you are interested in fiber for spinning, knitting, or crocheting, please contact us. We can make individual skeins of yarn to your specification (colors as available). We also sell llama wool items made by the Sisters such as pouches (great as a change purse or for a rosary), felt purses, neck scarves etc.

Feel free to call us at 701-974-2121 or Contact Us by email.