The Benedictine Witness

The Benedictine Witness, Oct. 2019   feat. the Sisters’ move to Dickinson

The Benedictine Witness 2018   feat. Sister Monica’s 100th Birthday; Sisters Kathleen, Mary William, and Laura celebrate Jubilees

The Benedictine Witness 2017-2   feat. Sister Michael celebrates 60th Jubilee; Sr. Patti wins art award; Christmas greetings

The Benedictine Witness 2017-1   feat.  The Lord Welcomes… Sister Brigid; Sister Marie Hunkler Celebrates Golden Jubilee

The Benedictine Witness 2016   feat.  Our Centennial Year; Sister Carol Celebrates 60th Jubilee

SHM eZine – Mar 2016

The Benedictine Witness 2015-2   feat.  Sister Perpetua Steiner Enters Eternal Life with Joy and Gladness

The Benedictine Witness 2015-1   feat.  A Monastic Vocation Rejoices in Golden Jubilee (Sister Renée Branigan)

The Benedictine Witness 2014-2   feat.  November 30 Begins the Year of Consecrated Life Throughout the World

The Benedictine Witness 2014-1   feat.  We Praise the Lord for the Faithfulness of Our Sister Jubilarians! – Sisters Annella Gardner, Brigid McLean, Monica Thome, Perpetua Steiner and Ruth Fox

The Benedictine Witness 2013-2   feat.  I Believe I Shall See the Good Things of the Lord… Sister Louise Wirtz memorial

The Benedictine Witness 2013-1   feat.  You Will Show Me the Path of Life… Sister Lucille Heidt 60th Jubilee

Promise of the Prairie

Promise of the Prairie 2018-1  feat.   Our Collaborative Plans for the Best Giving Day, February 8

Promise of the Prairie 2017-2  feat.   Giving and Receiving: A Reflection on the Relationship of Caring

Promise of the Prairie 2017-1  feat.   Generous Hearts Grace Giving Hearts Day with the Best Year Yet!

Promise of the Prairie 2016-2   feat.  Sacred Heart Benedictine Foundation Establishes an Endowment Fund

Promise of the Prairie 2016-1   feat.  We Are Grateful for “Reflections” of 20 Celebrate the West Events

Promise of the Prairie 2015-2   feat.  Come, Fill our Room So We Truly Celebrate the West

Promise of the Prairie 2015-1   feat.  Open House in celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life

Promise of the Prairie 2014-2   feat. Monastic Hospitality: Let All Be Welcomed as Christ

Promise of the Prairie 2014-1   feat.  “Blessed are those who can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.”