Sacred Heart Monastery ~ A Life of Prayer and Service on the Prairie


stscholasticaThe Benedictine Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery make their home on the prairie of western North Dakota. The purpose of Sacred Heart Monastery is to provide a contemporary template for Gospel-driven living by modeling a communal, apostolic, Christian way of life.

Our monastic life of prayer and work follows the natural rhythm of the prairie, with times for working and resting, growing and harvesting, living and dying. The “promise of the prairie” reflects God’s sustaining power in our lives, even in times of uncertainty and doubt.

Through the cycles of nature, the prairie often appears weakened from drought, heat, ice, and snow. But new life always emerges again, as the prairie turns a lush, verdant green, with wild flowers blooming more profusely than ever.

Since the arrival of our Sisters in North Dakota in 1910, God has always guided us in our prayer and ministries. The Sisters have always done whatever has been necessary to preserve their way of life and ensure their viability in times of change and challenge.